» Life is about creating new opportunities, not waiting for them to come to you. «
Yves Saint Laurent

Wardrobe Revitalisation

We’ve all made mistakes on what we want to wear versus what suits us at some point. So what I do here is match what suits you with what you want to wear, by showing you how to wear it! Because that’s the bit you want to get right!

Going through your wardrobe is all about what to keep, alter, sell or lose. I will save you a small fortune by introducing new ways to wear the clothes in your wardrobe. I will show you how to be creative with your look by clever accessorising and show you how altering old clothes can modernise them in an instant (and I’ll get it done for you by a professional within a week).

And I’ll show you how to choose the best clothes to suit your body shape, life-style and budget.

Following the consultation I will send you a summary of my ideas and thoughts and also a photographic record of all your outfits, styled and accessorised, so that you remember how to put them all together on your own. And we can add to it and update it as regularly as you want.

If you’d like why not combine a wardrobe refresh with a shopping trip in your own house. With Covid making it difficult to shop (and in particular limiting access to fitting rooms) I have launched a concierge service – click here for more details.

Please click here to go to my blog page to get an idea as to just a few of the recent styles and clothes I have recommended for my clients. For testimonials please click here.

Wardrobe Revitalisation    £280 per day (allow 3-4 hours). Gift vouchers available.

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